The Gravity of Fake News

Fake news is everywhere. I saw a Republican friend repeating a fake news that is everywhere. It says that millions of illegal immigrants receive health care for free. The rest of us must pay a fortune for health care. The idea spread by this fake news is that we hate the illegal immigrants for stealing our money for their gain. In truth, illegals are not able to obtain subsidized health care. The reason being, illegal immigrants that sign up for those plans are found and deported. These illegal immigrants typically pay cash for those services. The only time that it is ‘free’ is when they need life saving care. But in those circumstances, once they have recovered, immigration officers are notified. Life as an illegal immigrant in America is very tough.

         Even on the other side of the argument there exists a tendency to support arguments that are not without fake news elements. Recordings of many democrats supporting illegal immigration reform are freely available. The new truth is that the wall is not beneficial for Americans. They remain silent on the prior recordings. In those recordings, these same politicians were supportive of walls, manpower for patrols and increased security.

        Illegal immigration harms every American. In truth, these are people that are jumping to the front of the line in order gain. Illegal immigration has many causes and these causes are not discussed. Drugs, war, lack of water, food, shelter and medical care are all driving forces. There are caravans that no one likes attempting to cross in many places. As climate change worsens these problems will only get worse. As resource wars intensify, we will see hordes of displaced people seeking liberty’s shining light.

       There is no shame in admitting that we can do better. There is no fault in the right to be better. The only fault is in tuning into those that would divide us from each other. In our division, we will turn away from these larger problems. After conquering ourselves, our enemies will simply take over our defeated lands.

        Fake news can be easily disproven today. We must take the courage to take that first step and to adjust the spam filters in our collective brains to remove fake news. For example, gravity is easily proven. If someone shows a video claiming that gravity is fake, we should understand the larger truth. Sure, there is no gravity in space. That doesn’t mean you will not fall down the stairs by believing fake news. Gravity is real. Gravity exists in designated areas. That is the truth. Anything else is someone trying to take something from you and to do you harm!

        It is not fake news to open our eyes to these larger truths. Our enemies have taken quick advantage of our foolishness these last few years. They are signing long term deals for the export of their resources to our former allies. With so few options, our former allies are fast to admit the truth of this circumstance. When we emerge from this fog of war, we will find ourselves alone in this world.

        With no shots fired, fake news advocates from Russia, North Korea, China and other countries have succeeded where Germany and Japan failed. They will have caused such dissention in our ranks to confuse and paralyze us while they grow in strength. They will feed on their success and claim dominance in the world where we once held our lead. This new age of warfare happened under our watch. But who was watching? Our countryman are too busy watching TV and tweeting about fake news.

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