Jefferson Nunn’s Advice to Small Businesses and Executives to Maintain Activity and Revenue

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For over 20 years, you’ve consulted for high net worth individuals generating millions for clients,

including Bronco and Go Wireless. You are a contributor for Forbes magazine, an expert in online

marketing and SEO strategies as well as traditional marketing avenues. You’ve been granted two

innovative patents and have operated as a CIO for companies and you maintain your knowledge with

the latest research technologies and best practices for businesses and individuals. The author of Seven

Deadly Crypto Sins. Please welcome Jefferson Nunn to the virtual orange couch.

Jefferson Nunn:

Thank you.

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Absolutely. What were some of your advice to small businesses and executives to maintain activity and

revenue during this pandemic?

Jefferson Nunn:

The big thing is to be able to pivot, you know, and you should be agile and any smaller large company to

be able to pivot at any time. I’ll give you one perfect example of a, an amazing pivot and I read about it.

The guy lives private, the whole wing thing. He started a thing called IMB. You right? And before he

started the whole lame practice that a lot of people do now for MVP and things like that. And so he

goes, you know, I’m building all this amazing software. I’m building it, I’m building it and you know,

we’re not getting where we want to go. You know, we’ve been all this time building it, but did all this

amazing advertising, you know, the signup rate wasn’t quite what we wanted and you know, we’re all

going crazy trying to figure out what’s going on.

Jefferson Nunn:

And then he started digging into the system and he found this one amazing group of music that seemed

to really love this one other aspect of his sister, any pivoted, you know, he changed his whole business

model. He shamed everything that he was doing to serve that particular audience. And the lesson learn

is, you know, basically that leading practice you have to, how’d your situational awareness look at

what’s going on around you and then find that opportunity. For example, if you’re a caterer, right?

Wow. Catering a little bit out right now, but you can make food and you can deliver it, right? Hospitals,

you know, those first responders are going crazy. Ambulance companies, you know pick any one of

those. Listen, right? Food trucks are not out there. You have all those auto shops. They’re still repairing

parts. All those essential services, all those people need to eat. Heck, even grocery story, they’re

probably getting really bored of eating, telling me to every day.

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Jefferson Nunn:

Go to Walmart, see if those employees run a pitch in one day on some kind, you know, catering thing.

You know, there’s lots of opportunities

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And what technologies can be implemented to keep businesses, clients, customers and patients

engaged during the almost universal stayed home order being given by the government.

Jefferson Nunn:

Fortunately a lot of tech companies that stepped up offering free services. So no matter what side of the

company you are, there’s something out there that will help. I mean, obviously the zones and things like

that, they’re offering free services. Even outside of that, the farther back para, I go to a meeting, pick

somebody for the virtual meeting thing. There’s a website open for It’s sponsored by cloud

player, one of the largest number of food companies out there. They have a dozen different things on

there. All the educational institutions have all stepped up there, tons of lists different education

materials that are available to help with the kids. I mean, I did say, I wish we had a buzzy the robot, you

know, that would be so nice at this time, you know, career, you can have both of your robot teach our

kids. But yeah, you talk about opportunities. If you’re good at robotics and you’re, you know, running

something and you can build a [inaudible], you’ll make $1 billion by tomorrow, I’m telling you.

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Yeah, absolutely.

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